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Morley Aquariums is Perth's best presented aquarium store. It was established in 1992 by Paul and Janet Slabbert, who are both experienced fish keepers and breeders and still own and personally run the store.


Over the years the store has been open, the range of livestock available has expanded to include all types of tropical and coldwater fish, with a great emphasis on quality cichlids, both African and South American, and Australian rainbowfishes. A number of display tanks have been set up in store to showcase the quality livestock that Morley Aquariums has on offer. Of particular note is the massive 3500 L Lake Malawi cichlid display tank - the largest fish tank in any aquarium store in Perth. The range of dry goods on offer at Morley Aquariums has also expanded to include all the highest quality brands, such as Eheim, Sera, Aqua-Medic, Jäger and Schego.


As well as an increase in its range of livestock and equipment, the wealth of knowledge housed within the staff of Morley Aquariums has also grown. With each day the store is open, the staff learn something new. Whether it be details on a new fish species, operation of a new product, ins and outs of new maintenance techniques or new methods of health and disease control, all of this knowledge is pooled, tested and ultimately passed on to the customer in order to make their aquarium keeping experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. Couple this with the high standards of customer service that our staff adhere to, and after one visit you will be convinced that Morley Aquariums is the best - and friendliest - place in Perth for aquarium fish, equipment and advice.


All of the staff at Morley Aquariums are hobbyists who are genuinely interested in fish. Not only cichlids, but many others including; coldwater species, Australian and New Guinean natives, tetras and other South American tropicals - basically anything with gills!


With the combined experience of each staff member Morley Aquariums possesses a vast knowledge of specific species requirements, water conditions, breeding techniques, feeding and dietary information and disease identification and treatment. Garden ponds are also covered, with many of the staff maintaining ponds at home and consequently having great ideas and advice on pond equipment and fish choices. The staff at Morley Aquariums are always more than happy to help with any queries you might have, no matter how big or how small.


Our philosophy is that you do not need a swag of chemicals and gadgets to successfully keep fish. Maintaining a beautiful aquarium should be a simple task, and we will assist you wherever possible to do so. This is the Morley Aquariums difference - we will get you off to a good start so that you won't have problems in the future, or when you do have problems, we will help you identify and fix the root cause rather than try and sell you unnecessary additives and gizmos that will only mask the symptoms.


Please, come in and have a chat with us today - you will see for yourself what it means to be assisted by a store full of knowledgeable and passionate staff, rather than disinterested retailers only interested in the quick sell.

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