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We will accept your unwanted fish for credit! We are usually happy to take your excess stock, as long as it is in good condition and we have space available to do so. Please contact the shop prior to bringing the fish in to make sure we have the tank space available to accommodate your fish.




We often need specific species of fish, so if you are a breeder please check this page regularly.


Currently, we are eager to trade the following:

  • Bristlenose catfish (any size from 4cm)

  • Peppermint Bristlenose catfish (any size from 4cm)

  • Electric yellows (4-5 cm)

  • Oddballs and tank busters (any size, no flowerhorns or black sharks (Morulius chrysophekadion))

  • Apple snails (> 2 cm)

  • Male Electric Blues ( >10 cms)

  • Male Red Empress (>10cms)




  • We are unable to give cash for traded fish. Credit with our shop does no expire.

  • Due to quality and health standards we are unable to accept livebarers. This includes Guppies, Mollies, Platies and Endlers.

  • If you are breeding PURE specific varieties of fancy guppies or Endlers in dedicated breeding setup we may consider offering credit based on consignment. Please speak to Paul to make arrangements prior to bringing fish to the shop.

  • We are unable to offer credit for Cichlids that we deem crossbreeds. If a staff member is unsure we may accept your fish on consignment or you are welcome to keep them and take them home with you.

  • We are unable to offer credit for fish that have sustained damage or have any kind of deformity

  • Credit given for fish will be half of our retail price.




Tranporting your aquarium fish can be a stressful time for your pet. Quite often fish are unknowning transported incorrectly and when they arrived at the shop, are close to suffocation or have sustain serious damage to the fins, eyes and scales. This damage significantly reduces their value and can mean that the fish is no longer able to be sold.


To help you out with transporting your fish we are able to supply you with fish bags and white foam boxes. The foam boxes are essential if you are moving large distances or the fish you are moving have been kept in a warm water environment, I.e. Tropical fish moving during winter. These boxes will help to maintain the temperature of the water for the fish. The boxes also supply the fish with a more secure and stress free environment during the move.


When bagging the fish (depending on the size or quantity of fish) try to fill the bags with around 50% water and as much Air or Oxygen as possible. Fish should have just enough room to move around in and large fish should be bagged individually. We would also advise securing the bags with rubber bands. Practicing this procedure before hand can make the job a lot more efficient. 


Once the fish are securely bagged and boxed, don’t panic too much, yes time is of the essence, however you have around 6 hours before the water quality and oxygen deplete enough within the bags to begin causing problem for the fish.


DO NOT PUT FOOD, ROCKS OR ORNAMENTS in the bags or boxes with your fish. Your fish will most likely be stressed during the transport and are very unlikely to want to eat. Food will only foul the water. Rocks and ornaments are a potential hazard as the fish may be squashed or nock against them if frightened.



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